Aimee S.

I joined Jen's PQ Mastermind not really sure what I was signing up for but fully accepting that I wasn't at my peak performance as a person. I was beyond acceptance, and I was in "there is no hope" mode.

As a midlife woman focused on thankless job of mothering, house-wife-ing, I had forgotten my power. I had forgotten how to put my power to efficient use. (reminds me of my own work with the financial efficiencies) In the midst of a career shift, I felt anxiety, ineptness and general brain fog. I've spent the last couple of years confirming for myself in jest that I was failing, not realizing that I was creating this reality and failing further, getting so far away from the person I once knew could make things happen. I wasn't really a negative person, but I've learned I wasn't exactly feeding myself positive support.

I've felt profound little mini changes within me, that has in return given me profound changes in
the places where success was eluding me for years. Career, communication, financial, purpose. I believe I was on my way before PQ, but a subtle shift happened somewhere and I am just happy I didn't keep trying at this on my own and take longer to get where I am going. I've always understood the value of a blank canvas, this experience was that for me: It's a wonderful practice in having faith, letting things take you where they will, pushing thru to a finish
product that you have no idea how it will turn out and being pleasantly surprised about finding out who you are in the process and what you are made of.

I needed this education and insight into why this mindshift reset was so imperative.

Silke G.

So impressed with your talk, don’t need to be getting divorced to get something out of it

Geoff K. 

"Jen is the rare leader who helps people accomplish their goals without telling them what their
goals should be. Her style of communication is at once deep, engaging, and accessible. If
you're looking to jumpstart your progress, look no further."

Chris U. 

Sitting with Jen Uschold to map out my injury recovery plan, I knew within two minutes, I was
sitting with a gifted, empathetic, and brilliant physical therapist and coach. Armed with her box
of science and wisdom, Jen listened to my ailments, asked great questions, tuned into what I
needed. Jen proceeded to lay out an action plan steeped in science and movement analysis to
address my injury and recovery.

Jen, like a Jedi warrior, knew exactly what I needed and proceeded to coach me to both reset
my mindset and re engage in modified workouts vs stopping all exercise. Jen’s coaching
boosted my morale and got me reinvested in a healing plan in which I was both empowered and
a full partner versus just being told what to do with little guidance. She guided me all the way
while offering in the moment tweaks in my physical therapy, and check ins, to usher me through
all the stages of my injury recovery. I felt like I had a fellow warrior as invested in my well being
as I was.

Jen’s unique approach, presence and wise counsel gave me hope and empowered me to think
differently about how to approach injury recovery. I was able to let go of fear and worry. We
replaced that “stinking thinking”with a renewed confidence and a positive mindset focused on
restoring physical strength and efficiency in my body. And have since healed and returned to
moving with ease since working with Jen.

If you are thinking about working with Jen, and you're interested in having a powerful healer, fantastic human being and coach on your team, Jen should be your first call!

Erica N. 

“A professional can take us only as far as they’ve gone themselves. In this course, Jen Uschold lays out the framework for a successful experience in mediation. She does so from an evidence-based perspective, as well as a personal perspective, having successfully navigated the process herself. I highly recommend this course for anyone facing meditation, especially with a partner possessing difficult personality traits”


"Jen Uschold has given me tools to feel in control emotionally while going through a process that can feel out of control. These tools help one cope with the physical and emotional manifestations of stress. It will change for the better how you feel as you go through this."


"The visualization, practice, insight during our sessions and correspondence prepared me for my challenging court appearance. The visualization and hearing the subject's name allowed me to become desensitized for this encounter. The practice session (sometimes impromptu) assisted with being in the moment, i.e. simulation sitting in my chair in the courtroom; going through this several times was extremely helpful. Drawing on our sessions and conversations helped. I managed to get through an event that I was dreading for 10 months. All in all, the one thing I will utilize in my next appearance, is a notebook to doodle or write in, which also has mantras/prayers/reminders that make up my values and foundations. This session (Intention Setting and Creating Mantras) helped me to slow down and draw on all the resources and tools that are available (learned) to me that without practice escapes me in the moment that it is needed."

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