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for those going through difficult life transitions


Time to choose YOU.

Life has hills and valleys…and sometimes mountainous challenges. I assure you, there are ways to “train” and prepare for these inevitable events.

Strengthening your Mental Fitness and preparedness enables you to show up how you want - and function at your peak level. 

Imagine… feeling confident, prepared, and at peace with yourself and those around you.  


Hi! My name is Jen Uschold (DeLorenzo) and it has not been an easy road. And because I’ve been through challenges myself, I can help you get through them, too.

Your challenges and situations are unique to you.  The great news is there are many strategies available to you to learn and implement to reach your desired outcome.

Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, a challenging divorce or a big life transition-you’re in the right place, and now is the great time to start. These transitions significantly impact your life. Do you feel like your brain is your enemy rather than your friend? Welcome to a great place to begin that shift.

As a Pain Neuroscience Education expert, Mental Fitness Coach, and Lifestyle Medicine Coach, I guide you to discover - and rediscover - YOU. 

Divorce Preparation
Mental Fitness Training
Pain Coaching



Waking up every day feeling 1% better than the day before

Feeling able to navigate challenges with ease and flow

Being confident and prepared for whatever lies ahead

What people are saying

"Jen is the rare leader who helps people accomplish their goals without telling them what their goals should be. Her style of communication is at once deep, engaging, and accessible. If you're looking to jumpstart your progress, look no further."

- Geoff K.

"Jen Uschold has given me tools to feel in control emotionally while going through a process that can feel out of control. These tools help one cope with the physical and emotional manifestations of stress. It will change for the better how you feel as you go through this."


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Wondering if coaching is a good fit?

You're ready if...

  • You believe that you can shift your mindset and are ready to put in the work. 
  • You feel lost, hopeless, stuck, conflicted...and ready to learn.
  • You understand that you can't make others change. 
  • You can envision the outcome you desire. 

You're unsure if...

  • You're not sure that you can change. 
  • You're interested, but don't have the energy yet. 
  • You feel that it's hard to get through the day sometimes.
  • You don't know what you need, but you'd like more information. 

It's not a good fit if...

  • You feel that nothing will work or change for you.
  • You don't need anyone to help you. 
  • You feel that no one understands your situation.
  • You feel hopeless.
  • It's not your fault, it's theirs. 
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May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face…
Irish Blessing
Author unknown

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