What Is A Saboteur?

positive intelligence saboteur Jul 06, 2023

Our brain can act as either our best friend or our enemy. 

We all have these inner voices in our head and they generate seemingly endless negative emotions. These negative emotions influence how effectively we show up for ourselves and others. These create negative pattern loops sabotaging how we think, feel, and respond.

There are only 10 Saboteurs. See which ones may be present in your mind:


JUDGE: This is the universal Saboteur that each of us has.

Key Characteristics: Finds fault and blame in self, others, and circumstances 

Associated Emotions: anger, shame, guilt, anxiety


AVOIDER: Focuses on the pleasant and avoids the unpleasant

Key Characteristics: avoids conflict, difficulty saying no

Associated Emotions: anxiety, suppressed anger or resentment


CONTROLLER: Wants to be in charge of other people and situations

Key Characteristics: Intimidating, need to take charge, connects through confrontation

Associated Emotions: anxiety, angry, impatient


HYPER-ACHIEVER: Needs to full successful and worthy

Key Characteristics: Competitive, focus on public image, workaholic

Associated Emotions: Feels worthy when successful, empty, depressed


HYPER-RATIONAL: Needs to process everything through a rational lens

Key Characteristics: Intense, perceived arrogant, highly skeptical

Associated Emotions: Frustration with others being emotional, anxious, not understood


HYPER-VIGILANT: Is constantly feeling fear or anxiety

Key Characteristics: always anxious, suspicious of others, constant worry of mishap or danger

Associated Emotions: anxiety, high vigilance, skeptical


PLEASER: Places the needs of others above all else

Key Characteristics: strong need to be liked, tries to earn this with pleasing, fixing, rescuing

Associated Emotions: expressing own needs feels selfish, anxiety, urgency to solve problems


STICKLER: The ultimate perfectionist

Key Characteristics: Perfectionist, irritable, sarcastic, highly critical and highly sensitive to criticism

Associated Emotions: Frustration with self and others, anxiety, self righteous


RESTLESS: Constantly seeking new excitement

Key Characteristics: Scattered, easily distracted, constantly seeking new stimulation

Associated Emotions: Impatient in present moment, FOMO, worry


VICTIM: Seeks attention through problems

Key Characteristics: Temperamental, easily gives up, repressed rage

Associated Emotions: Depression, lonely, envy, abandonment


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