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iRise For Me Catalyst - One Time Payment (Save Money!)

A Catalyst for Shifting from Overwhelm to Clarity for Divorce Mediation. Save by paying in full!

You'll get 4 Modules over 4 weeks:

  • Module 1: iRise Continuum
  • Module 2: This is Me
  • Module 3: Science of Mindset
  • Module 4: Bird's Eye View of Health

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What People Are Saying:

The visualization, practice, insight during our sessions and correspondence prepared me for my challenging court appearance. The visualization and hearing the subject's name allowed me to become desensitized for this encounter. The practice session (sometimes impromptu) assisted with being in the moment, i.e. simulation sitting in my chair in the courtroom; going through this several times was extremely helpful. Drawing on our sessions and conversations helped. I managed to get through an event that I was dreading for 10 months. All in all, the one thing I will utilize in my next appearance, is a notebook to doodle or write in, which also has mantras/prayers/reminders that make up my values and foundations. This session (Intention Setting and Creating Mantras) helped me to slow down and draw on all the resources and tools that are available (learned) to me that without practice escapes me in the moment that it is needed.


Jen Uschold has given me tools to feel in control emotionally while going through a process that can feel out of control. These tools help one cope with the physical and emotional manifestations of stress. It will change for the better how you feel as you go through this.


Jen is the rare leader who helps people accomplish their goals without telling them what their goals should be. Her style of communication is at once deep, engaging, and accessible. If you're looking to jumpstart your progress, look no further.

-Geoff K.