Do  you know Chronic Pain?

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Ready to Shift?

Gain 3 Essential Strategies to Free Yourself from the Grip of Pain

You are no stranger to the experience of pain. It impacts every area of your life from sleep to your family to job performance and hobbies.

What awaits you when the grip of pain has released itself?



Love of activity

Focus and concentration


Trusting your body

Ease in your mind


Did I mention this class is completely free?

June 7, 2024 1-2PM EST. 

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You know your pain is REAL!



 Imagine spontaneously going out with friends to your favorite coffee shop. Savor coming home from work, feeling good and eager to engage with your family in the evening.

This is within reach.


Pain to Gain Masterclass

Come explore the Science and Art to address your pain.

You will learn 3 key strategies for impacting pain. You'll discover and experience

  • How physical pain and emotional pain are NOT 2 different things.
  • The intimate connection of our brain and body
  • The abundance of options within the 3 key strategies

It’s time to take your life back from pain.

STRATEGY #1: The power of knowledge.

STRATEGY #2: Using exercise to reduce pain.

STRATEGY #3: Enhancing your Mental Fitness.


I’ve been a Physical Therapist for over 30 years.  I am a curious continual learner!  

I have taken¬†a deep dive into Pain Science, Health and Wellness Coaching, Lifestyle Medicine, and Mental Fitness coaching.¬† The combined total of my years studying these fields is close to 25 years! I‚Äôve been passionate about helping and guiding people for decades to empower themselves through knowledge and options. My mantra with my clients at my very first PT job in Pennsylvania was ‚Äúhelping you help yourself‚ÄĚ.¬†

Additionally, like you, it has been a bumpy unpredictable road. 

I went through a painful divorce. I struggled to show up in a way to help me move forward. At some point, I realized I already harnessed a huge skillset learned over decades to help me through this challenging situation. Up to this point, I did not realize the scope and magnitude of how applying the concepts of Pain Science, Coaching, Lifestyle Medicine, and Mental Fitness could create a huge shift myself which has rippled to my family, friends and clients as well.  

Now, I help women struggling with physical or emotional pain going through difficult life transitions feel more prepared and at ease. At the core of what I coach, it is self-care and self-compassion through the lens of science.

"I've felt profound little mini changes within me, that has in return given me profound changes in
the places where success was eluding me for years. Career, communication, financial, purpose." 
Aimee S.
"Jen Uschold has given me tools to feel in control emotionally while going through a process that can feel out of control. These tools help one cope with the physical and emotional manifestations of stress."


June 7, 2024 1-2PM ET.

See you there!

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